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As a domestic abuse survivor, advocate and author, I know what a huge emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological impact intimate partner violence (IPV) has on a person. Domestic abuse seems to take away your very self—your creativity, goals, thoughts, aspirations, friendships, finances, sense of self, independence ... the list varies from situation to situation, and goes on.

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Yet the beauty of your true self hasn’t been destroyed. It’s merely lying dormant beneath the toxins of abuse which shroud nearly every aspect of your life, but YOU are still there. My goal is to help you erase the toxins created by domestic violence so you can reclaim your true self. Through education, awareness, and the support you’ll find at Create Soul Space, you’ll learn how to recover your deep inner and outer strength, your confidence and creativity, and how to build a healthy support system.

Breaking free of toxic abuse. Creating the space to become YOU again.

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I’m a domestic abuse advocate, an author, a mother, a creator, a theologian, a child of God, a thinker, a nutrition and wellness consultant, and above all an individual. These are the things that can never be taken from me, no matter how hard someone may try.
"Do not fear those who cannot kill the soul" (Matthew 10:28).

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My mission is quite simple, yet quite complicated. Like suffering. The crazy-making, gaslighting, and constant turmoil of domestic abuse isn't a one-time trauma .... it's like the "frog in the pot" who slowly gets boiled to death. My mission is to show you that you're not boiled -- you’re not dead in the pot. Even if you feel depleted, with a complete lack of physical, emotional, or spiritual energy, you can regain yourself after domestic abuse. Create the space to become YOU again!

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Are you a domestic abuse advocate, pastoral professional, educator, or do you have a loved one who’s in a toxic relationship and you want to help?

I suggest you start your educational journey by reading my post, Or Have I”—The Art of Abuse Minimization to learn what it’s like inside the head of a victim of domestic abuse.

Next, head over to “Unwittingly Describing the Abuse Cycle” for a glimpse into the harsh, repetitive and ultimately damaging pattern of domestic violence.

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Disclaimer: In my articles, I most often refer to the abuser as “he” and the victim/survivor as “she.” This isn’t because I’m unaware of the fact that women can be abusers and men can be victims — even though statistically women are more often the victims, I do understand that men can be the targets of abuse, too. However, because I happen to be a woman, I naturally tend to write from a woman’s perspective. I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to be a man, nor do I particularly want to. So. There you have it. That’s why in my articles, I refer to abusers as “he and survivors as “she.” If you happen to be a male survivor of abuse and are reading this newsletter, please feel free to change the pronouns around in your head to make a more enjoyable reading experience. Really, I won’t be offended.

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Jenny duBay
B.A. in theology, pursuing MA in Pastoral Care & Spiritual Direction. Domestic abuse advocate and author of www.createsoulspace.org and www.prodigalparishioner.com. “If it’s God’s will, may it please Him to move my pen.” (St. Teresa of Avila)